Curls in the City


Welcome to the Curls in the City page! For all the curls in our cities.

Here we embrace our natural hair and look at products, items, experiences and places that can assist us to celebrate what we have been born with. The ultimate aim is healthy hair!

I/ We do not proclaim to be experts in any field but have build up years of trials, error and a community of fellow naturals to help out anyone that wants to join us and/or continue on this journey. The more the merrier is our motto.

I/We are not here to judge but to merely lend a hand to anyone that has tried almost all  of the ways to let their hair behave but have just lost the battle. We also welcome YOUR advice to fellow naturals and to anyone that is longing for better ways.

We want healthy hair, the good old fashion & natural way.

You would have noticed that I use I/We as this page was created one fine day after years of struggling with my own hair. My name is Claire and I am the creator of Curls in the City. I reside in the beautiful town of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa with my family.

What started off as a way to answer the same questions about my hair – which was natural for a while – I saw there were many just like me. It has been a real eye opener for all of us. And what better way than to get and stay connected via social media. A blog was a natural next step. The engagement and conversation that we have at our natural hair events have been inspirational, motivational, entertaining, encouraging as well as educating. We have so much in common.

This community will not exist without you, so please feel free to share your stories or pictures with us/me and to comment on our social media pages on facebook and twitter.

Our/my main aim is to celebrate our natural hair instead of damaging it and we feature all of you that is happy to share with us.

Also from time to time,  you will see some of the adventures/life I get up to while living with my curls in the city of Port Elizabeth.

Thank you for visiting.

Yours in curls